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I was once told to try and build the designs I put forward to the team. I set out to cross the bridge between free-flowing thought and structured information. Now I am cleaning up my archive of visual artefacts and telling their stories.

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Product and service design

Customer Relationship Management system

The best way to improve customer experience is to consider staff experiences as well. We were tasked to improve the way our telco client’s agents go to business.  

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Website development

Justice for Miners

JFM calls on governments, the mining industry, and trusts to deliver just and speedy compensationfor sick miners and their dependents.

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Online sales

MTN Sales Enablement

We went in to discover and learn the ins and outs of selling mobile products and services online - to make getting a new connection just a little bit easier.

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Website discovery

Corruption Watch website

Corruption watch were excited to extend their efforts in fighting corruption with a new website, allowing anonymous reports and educating visitors about the fight.

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