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Catherine Grainger Architects

Catherine Grainger heads up a group of Johannesburg-based architects and designers, who listen hard and design thoughtful, contextual buildings for the real world.

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20Twenty aims to help individuals become debt-free homeowners faster than before. The brand aims to be personable and simple, similar to the home financing product they provide.

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The Wellness Collective

We don’t do things like the old school. We’re young at heart and constantly striving to put a new twist on healthcare services.

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Liquorama is Botswana’s leading liquor retailer with 48 locations around the country. They approached us to refresh their brand and create an identity that expresses their spirit of celebration.

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Corruption Watch annual report

For the release of their 2014 Annual Report, Corruption Watch wanted to invite all members of the public to join the team of corruption fighters in holding themselves and others accountable.

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Chasing eclipses

When the light drops in the middle of the day and darkness falls over the earth for a few minutes, something spectacular happens.

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Event collateral

Creative Mornings Johannesburg

CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types.

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The Commotion Club

90% of people smile when they see an emoticon, reckon we can make them stick a tounge out for us?

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The world of E-numbers

Take a look at all the fun stuff we put in our food to make it look brighter, taste better and last longer.

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Video exploration

Idea not flying?

The Open Craft Brief for the D&AD Student Awards called for entrants to come up with an idea to connect It’s Nice That to creative students. This promotional video reminds students where to turn to for inspiration.

Fly away
Community initiative

Shush Blairgowrie

#ShushBlairgowrie is an initiative with the goal of ending the use of firecrackers within the suburb of Blairgowrie and beyond.

Silence the night