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The Wellness Collective

"We don’t do things like the old school. We’re young at heart and constantly striving to put a new twist on healthcare services." - Shift

Shift Wellness Collective is a healthcare centre that lets young practitioners focus on their career. They approached us to bring their youthful brand to life.  We achieved this with colours, patterns and design that embodies what it means and feels to be young, fresh and flexible with both one's body and mind.

The concept

Shift believes in flexibility. So much so that their business model lets young healthcare practitioners design their lifestyle around their careers. They focus on providing practitioners with the facilities, resources, backend operations, administration, bookkeeping, marketing and resources. This way practitioners focus on what they do best - making patients feel like they’re 22 again.

Flesh pink
Electric blue
Dark navy
Coral pink
Ice blue
Minty green
Shift web page
Shift web pageShift web page
Shift web pageShift web page
Project credits

The Spanish Coalition dropped a lovely brief on our desk for this project. Thank you Jo, for making me play, scrutinise and refine over and over again.

Creative director
Creative partner
Luci Badenhorst
Project Manager
Lerato Thebe
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